T3 – How To Remove A LinkedIn Contact

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Deleting a LinkedIn Connection is sometimes necessary for example if you move jobs and wish to remove some of the people you used to work with as they are now competitors.

To remove a connection go to Network and then down to contacts. When your contacts page opens you will see your list of connections which you can sort in various ways including by first or last name, you can also filter your connections in numerous ways for example by companies. If you cannot find the person you wish to delete by sorting or filtering your list of connections then you can just search for them on the right. Once you have found the person you want you can select the tick box next to their name, then go to more and select ‘Remove from Contacts’. To prevent you accidentally deleting people you will be asked if you are sure you wish to remove the contact, if you are just select ‘Remove’. You can remove multiple contacts this way by selecting multiple people. You can also remove people by going to their profile, next to their profile picture is a drop down, go to ‘Remove Connection’ and you again be asked to confirm that you wish to remove the contact.


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