How To Tag Your Connections On LinkedIn

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On LinkedIn you can use tags to organise and sort your contacts. You can tag or untag anyone who’s saved in your LinkedIn Contacts. There are 2 ways to add and remove tags to one of your connections, the first is to go to their profile.

When their profile has opened click on ‘Relationship’, which is underneath their profile picture, and then select ‘Tag’. As you will see there will already be some existing tags such as classmates, colleagues and friends, these are automatically added when you connect to someone depending on which option you choose when you send them an invite to connect. To add a tag to them simply select the tick box next to the appropriate tag. If the tag you wish to use isn’t there then select ‘Add new tag’ and type in what you wish it to be called and select save. To remove a tag simply untick the box.

The second way to add or remove tags is to go to the Contacts page. First go to ‘Network’ on the top menu and then down to ‘Contacts’. Then scroll down until you can see your connections and find the person you wish to add a tag to and select ‘tag’ and select the relevant options.
You can also tag multiple contacts at once, simply select the tick boxes next to their names, select ‘tag’ from the top and choose which ever tag you would like to add. Once you have done this you will see that all the contacts you selected will now have that tag.
You can have up to 200 tags and any tags that you add will only be visable to you.

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