How To Send A LinkedIn Inmail

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LinkedIn InMails are messages you can send directly to another LinkedIn member that you aren’t connected to. This means that if you found a person through a search that you had no connection to, you could directly inbox them to start up a dialogue.  Any member can purchase an InMail, or you can get them with a premium account.

If you have a Premium account your InMail credits are issued on the monthly anniversary of your subscription start date. (The number of credits you get each month depends on the type of premium account you have.) You can accumulate InMail credits from month to month, but they will expire after 90-days and once they have expired they are not renewable.  If you use all of your allotted InMails you can purchase up to 10 more or upgrade your account if possible. 

If you have a Basic (free) account: then you can purchase up to 10 InMail credits on your account at once.  To find out more watch our video ‘How to purchase LinkedIn InMail’

To send an InMail first go to LinkedIn and go to profile of the person you wish to send the InMail to.  At the top of their profile you will see the option to ‘Send InMail’.

A new page will opens with the InMail form.  Fill in all the relevant contact details you wish to share, the more you share the more likely the person is to respond.  Then choose what category of InMail you are sending, for example it could be about a new career opportunity or a reference request.

Then you will need to write the actual message, take note of what your contact is interested in on the right hand side and the tips that LinkedIn so you don’t waste your InMail.  You have 2000 characters to write your InMail but try and keep it under 100 words.  Be concise, you want to enough information to explain what you want from the recipient whilst still leaving them intrigued enough so that they will contact you to find out more.

When you are happy with everything simply select ‘Send’ and wait for your reply.  If you don’t get a reply in 7 days, LinkedIn will give you another InMail to send. If the recipient replies later, they won’t take the InMail credit back. 

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