T3 – How To Request A LinkedIn Recommendation

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Recommendations are an excellent way of proving your capability and credibility as people are more likely to believe how good you are at your job if it comes from someone other than you. 

Before sending the recommendation request we would advise that you ask for it first ideally in person or even over the phone, this will increase your chances of actually receiving the recommendation once you have asked it. 

To then actually request the recommendation go to your LinkedIn profile page.  Next to your profile picture you will see a drop down arrow and you will see the option ‘Ask to be recommended’.  This will take you through to the recommendations section where you fill in the relevant information.  It does allow you to request a recommendation from up to 200 people, but we would strongly advise against this, instead ask one person at a time and tailor the message you send to them. In the message you should reference that you already asked them and if you wish you can put in some ideas of what you wish to be recommended for, people will be grateful for the guidance.

When you are happy with everything simply press ‘Send’ 


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