T3 – How To Change Your LinkedIn URL

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Changing your LinkedIn URL can enhance your personal brand as well as increasing your search engine SEO. 

To change your URL you first need to go to Profile on the menu and then down to Edit Profile, you will know that you are in Edit Profile mode because you will see little blue pens next to the individual fields. Then underneath your photo you will see a URL with you name followed by a mixture of letters and numbers, next to the URL click on ‘Edit’. 

When the new page opens go to the right hand side to the area that is called ‘Your Public Profile URL’ and select ‘Customise your public profile URL’.  A new box will open, simply type in what you would like your new URL to be.  Combinations of your name work best here so try first name, last name – if that is unavailable try and incorporate middle initials.  Try and avoid adding your company in as the idea is to keep that URL forever, and if you change company or your company name changes then you will have to change the URL at a later date. 

When you have a satisfactory URL select ‘Set Custom URL’.  If you now view your profile you will see your Updated URL.

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