Tutorial 1 – How To Fit BD Into Your Hectic Working Day

For some people having a job to do which brings in the revenue or the keeps the boss happy isn’t enough; they also have to win new clients and cultivate existing ones. But how can you find the time for sales when your “day job” seems to take over?

Well if you’re one of those people this short course is for you. It consists of a number of very brief podcasts and some instructional videos which explore ways you can get your basic business development done in only 20 minutes a day. The tools and techniques are easy to use, entirely free but will give you a great return on the small amounts of time you will need to invest in them.

Of course when things ease up you will need to see your clients and prospects face-to-face but in the meantime why not listen to the podcasts and watch the instructional videos that accompany them and do what you can.

Remember even on the most hectic days you only need to find 20 minutes a day to keep your sales effort on track.

Supporting Notes

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Tutorial 1 - Keep Your Business Development Ticking Over In Only 20 Minutes A Day

  1. What Is the Real Problem
  2. What Is The Solution
  3. Using CRM To Manage Your Sales Activities
  4. Using LinkedIn To Interact With Your Stakeholders
  5. Using Twitter As An Interaction & Curation Tool
  6. Using Diigo Or Pearltrees To Store Useful Links
  7. Using Hootsuite As A Message Scheduling Tool
  8. Summary


Instructional Videos