Inspirational Videos

We’ve compiled a  list of talks from some of the most motivational and inspiring business leaders that we know.

Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek recounts some real-life examples (again one of them being Apple) of how people buy what you believe above all else. If you have to persuade people or sell to them as part of your job this brief clip WILL make a difference. I changed the way I present what I do after I watched it.

 Derek Sivers – How To Start A Movement

Derek Sivers narrates a video clip of somebody who starts an extraordinary movement at a pop festival, of all places, and then draws lessons that anybody who wants to be a wow on the internet will want to learn. Want to grow a community? Well check this out. Also it really is fascinating to watch the community form before your eyes.

 Steve Jobs – Stanford University Address

The inimitable Mr Jobs is speaking at a Stanford University graduation ceremony. He recounts three different parts of his life each offering at least one important message but beyond that these episodes provide a fascinating insight into what made the great man tick. Seriously it nearly moves me to tears every time I watch it.

 Sir Ken Robinson – How Schools Kill Creativity

I’ve seen Sir Ken Robinson speak live and he never fails to entertain, educate and perhaps most importantly make you contemplate. Here he is talking about creativity especially in kids but you can relate to what he says no matter what you do or how old you are. Particularly relevant if you have kids at school I might add.

Malcolm Gladwell – Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

Ever wondered why some people prefer one product over another? Could this help you to promote your offering to better effect? I think so and the way Malcolm Gladwell achieves it is by recounting how the perfect spaghetti sauce was developed; or not as the case may be.

 Sheena Iyengar – How To Make Choosing Easier

When I watched this clip for the first time I was struck by the simplicity of Sheena Iyengar’s argument: put some effort into the way you build features and choices into your offerings and the way you present them to your clients.

Nigel Marsh – How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

One of the biggest challenges we face in the modern world is getting balance in our lives: how much time for work; how much for our friends and families and how much special time do we need for ourselves? A relatively easy question to answer you’d think but if you can’t seem to get there (you’re definitely not alone if you can’t) then try this talk by Nigel Marsh for size.


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