10 Different Type Of LinkedIn Status Update

LinkedIn Status Update

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LinkedIn allows you to log a status update which will then be seen by all your connections.

Many people don’t bother to do this either because they can’t see the point or because they don’t know what to say. Rookie error right there. Read on and be amazed.

So why bother making only 2 or 3 status updates a day: –

It invites people to interact with you by commenting on your status update. Since all relationships are developed and maintained by interaction this is a quick and easy way of starting dialogues with your stakeholders.

Even if they don’t interact it reminds people you exist which is half the battle in sales. 

You can reinforce your credibility and personal brand by consistently making status updates that support whatever it is that you do and believe in.

By placing personal status updates you can begin to help your stakeholders to get to know you as a person and thus strengthen your relationship still further.

So, that’s dealt with the “why” so now let’s crack on with the “what”.

There are 10 different types of status updates you can make. Here they are.

1. Activity

In simple terms you tell people what you have done, are doing now or are going to do. This is the easiest status update to make but make sure you don’t give away any client secrets or present yourself in a bad light.

Good – “Am just starting the day in the Natural Cafe before a hard day interviewing sales people and running sales meetings”

Not so good – “Have just submitted a proposal to get XYZ & Sons out of some deep do-do. Silly beggers”

2. Adding value

This could be: –

  • a link to a blog you’ve just written
  • a blog somebody else has written and you think your connections would benefit from reading
  • an article in an on-line publication
  • a great website you’ve discovered
  • a video on TED.com, YouTube or somebody’s website
  • a sage piece of home-spun advice

The essential thing to remember is that whatever you publish should appeal to a large proportion of your connections.

“This is a great piece for anybody whose job calls for them to produce written work – check it out

3. Opinion

Good – “I think there is a very fair chance the Wolves may get promoted this season” (I should say I don’t really believe this though)

Not so good – “Is it just me or is employing the over-fifties more trouble than it’s worth” (BTW I’m 54 as I write this)

4. Amusing or Interesting

We all have a sense of humour but not all our senses of humour are the same. I think the odd amusing video, joke picture or even one-liner can all enrich the busy lives of our connections, so why not share what you find funny with your peeps.

As for the previous category avoid contentious subjects and only share things your mum would approve of (seriously this is the acid-test). For the record my mum is OK with the odd swear word.

Oh, and don’t overdo these kinds of status updates unless you’re looking for a spot at the Comedy Club!

“This makes me laugh every time I watch it – worth a look

5. A mention

Whether it’s a happy birthday, congratulations for an achievement or just commenting on something somebody has done it’s OK to send this out as a LinkedIn status.

If you include the name of the person in question LinkedIn will notify them (first degree connections only) what you have said. Simply type the person’s name in your status update, a drop down list will then appear and you select the person from this list.

Warning Will Robinson: don’t say anything derogatory – imagine what that person would say if you told them to their face and type accordingly.

6. Topical

There’s always stuff going on. It could be breaking news; sport related or perhaps even something related to the date. Topical stuff when combined with opinion (see above) can also be quite a good combination.

I published a blog on the day Mrs Thatcher died and caused quite a stir – marvellous.

7. Quotations

Whilst a quotation is a sort of a cross between adding value and being interesting I single them out because I think they’re great updates provided they are used sparingly. Words of wisdom from the famous and the worldly-wise always seem to resonate with people.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him” – James Miles

8. Promotional

Whilst it’s really bad form to constantly bang on about the next seminar you have or the latest award you picked up it’s OK to do it every now and again; in fact why wouldn’t you? One or two of these types of update a week is fine; will add to your brand image and may well result in something positive happening for you.

“Final call for our Webinar on Using Social Media for sales NOT marketing which starts at 2:30pm GMT today.”

9. Inspirational

Anything really that lifts the spirits of those who read it. Again it could be a quote, a comment or a link but there should be nothing in it for you and many of your connections should be able to relate to it. Beware: you can only have so many photographs of cute puppies in amusing situations.

“Imagine being blind all your life but replacing sight with human sonar: the remarkable story of Daniel Kish

10. Questions and requests

Asking for help or advice is not only a welcome change but will also encourage interaction from your connections. I would advise you to be genuine: only ask when you really want to know but well worth a try.

“Am going to Oxford for a long weekend. Any advice for things to see or do would be very welcome”

Some other stuff to consider

  • Try and mix up your status updates; after all variety is the spice of life even more so when it comes to social media.
  • Use Hootsuite or Socialoomph to send the same LinkedIn status update to your Twitter feed and Facebook page.
  • Start by committing to one update in the morning and one in the afternoon then see how you do. You can schedule these using Hootsuite of course.
  • Looking for interaction? Include a question or request in your updates.
  • Most of your updates won’t be read and even less acted upon so feel free to send out several each day. You won’t offend or irritate if you do.
  • Make sure you respond to other people’s status updates. The more you do the more interaction you’ll get back in return.
  • This is your window to the world – don’t waste it.

One more thing………

If you have any other types of update please let me know – happy to include and credit you.

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