“Are You Receiving Me Ginger, Over?”

On The Same Wavelength

I have my friend Gary Miller to thank for this.

We were out having lunch the other day and he said that he always knew if he was going to do well with a prospect if they were “on the same wavelength”. I had never really considered this but actually, its’ really quite true.

When you meet somebody if you just click: similar attitudes, values, interests and so on the sales process becomes soooo much easier. In fact I would go so far as to say that in my world it is one of the single biggest indicators to a successful outcome I have.

Since my lunch with Gary I have been more aware of this and have tried to use it as a way to focus my sales and business development time giving more effort to those I have a rapport with and I am pleased to report it does work.

Of course, there are other factors that come into play not least of which are people who are happy to take (very good wavelength signals) but are not prepared to give back – in Flair we call these people Tatters. However, the importance of these other factors vary according to what I am selling and to whom I am selling it to but the one thing that is always relevant is wavelength.

I always say when considering where to invest your time “go where the money is”. I would now like to add to that “tune into the wavelength”.

Thanks Big G. I owe you one.

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