An Intrapreneur: Become An Entrepreneur Inside Your Firm

IntrapreneurJust imagine that your firm employed an entrepreneur. Picture it now somebody who did their day job like anybody else but they had something more; a bit like having a tiger on a lead – under control but still very powerful.

Could you be this person? Yes you can is the simple answer. All it takes is a certain determination and a willingness to “put yourself out there”. You don’t need to pass exams to become an entrepreneur and neither do you need permission: it’s all there for the taking if you want it.

Why would you bother? Mainly because you get to play by a different set of rules. You are valuable because you are more focused on making things happen rather than getting things done; you are very well connected and seen as “part of the solution” but most of all you are self-sufficient in bringing in sustainable revenue streams. In short you are a player protected by the continual value that you provide. Different rules, dear readers, very different rules.

How do you become one? Actually it’s not really that hard; you start to adopt the qualities that you know entrepreneurs have but within your corporate structure. This will change your mentality which will influence your attitude and finally your personal brand then the whole cycle starts again but stronger.

Welcome to the world of an Intrapreneur. For more read my post on Intrapreneurs In Business

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