About Flair

Flair Business Growth ConsultancyWhat We Believe

Everything we do in Flair is based upon two unshakeable beliefs:

  1. An organisation should be fully in control of how it grows.
  2. Given the choice people buy from those that they like; trust and feel valued by in other words those they have a strong relationship with.

Based upon these beliefs we help our clients establish a reliable process to win new clients and consistently generate maximum revenues from established ones. Being in control needs processes and procedures; a deep grasp of new technology; use of leading edge tools and techniques and the ability to view and control what is happening at all levels of your sales and marketing  capability.

Our approach is very much a proactive sales led approach to growth over traditional marketing methods.

What We Do

We work with organisations who sell their offerings to other businesses to make them sales rather than marketing led. This means we help to construct an environment that enables them to consistently find suitable target companies; identify the decision makers; create a relationship with them and when the time is right present a compelling value proposition that results in a sale. This is called the Flair Active Sales Environment.

By-products of an active sales environment are complete visibility of your sales and marketing activities; quantified performance reports at person, department and company level and a focused and uniform approach to sales and marketing throughout the whole organisation.

In short using a number of proven tools and techniques we help our clients to build more relationships with the right people in less time.


Client Comment

I started out wondering if Mike could truly make a difference to our business development activity but he proved me wrong. His enthusiasm and ideas have reached throughout the organisation, and really changed the way we do things.


Colin Flanagan, Chairman
Freeth Cartwright LLP