For the last six years we have used a proven sales methodology to help organisations create more relationships with the right people in less time. This means being able to find new clients; develop relationships, differentiate yourselves and present a compelling proposition that people want to buy over those of their incumbent suppliers.

This new site will play an increasing part in helping our clients to achieve this objective.

Our development plan for this site spans a whole year but to begin with we have provided some free on-line coaching and downloadable resources. All we ask in return is that you make use of the content and give us any constructive feedback you feel would help us improve the site to [email protected]

Working together we can help you take control of how your business grows.

Mike Ames

Mike Ames - Founder, Flair Business Growth Consultancy

Mike Ames – Founder, Flair Business Growth Consultancy

Mike started his career in IT having completed a degree in computer science and spending the next 6 years working as programmer, business analyst and data analyst. He switched across into sales in October 1988 before starting his first business, a recruitment company called Software Knowledge, in April 1989.

During the 1990’s Mike built up the Software Knowledge group with his business partner from nothing to a group turnover of £40 million adding a software house and facilities management company along the way. In 1998 after several years as Managing Director and key rainmaker he sold the business to an American corporation.

Following a year’s sabbatical Mike was asked to join two former Software Knowledge colleagues in the formation of Crimson, where he currently is a director and major shareholder. Whilst still supporting this successful venture he now spends the majority of his time running the Flair Business Growth Consultancy.

In his spare time Mike travels extensively and spends part of the year in Spain and at his Welsh home. He also enjoys walking, cycling, swimming, art and just occasionally bricklaying. He is married with three grown up children and lives in South Birmingham.

Kirsty Ames

Kirsty Ames

Kirsty Ames

Kirsty has a love of all things connected to social media and in order to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape she is always checking out new blogs, curating interesting business related content, testing new social media tools and using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Since joining Flair she has worked with a number of firms in the professional service sector, assisting their staff in building a more engaging and effective online presence concentrating on the 3 main social media tools that are of benefit in B2B sales — LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging.

Kirsty helps individuals to incorporate these tools in their own business development activities which support those of the organisations that they work for.  When Kirsty is not concentrating on social media she likes to watch classic black and white movies especially those starring Cary Grant or James Stewart, The Philadelphia Story is a particular favourite.

She caught the travel bug at an early age and is now fond of city breaks, her most favourite cities are New York and Rome.  Kirsty also  has a love of the ocean and is a keen fan of watersports, especially scuba diving and riding jet ski’s. All this activity certainly builds up an appetite which is just as well as cooking is another favourite pastime and she enjoys spending time conjouring up culinary delights for family and friends.   If she isn’t doing any of these things you will most likely find her reading. Favourite books include Harry Potter, anything written by David Eddings and occasionally even the odd Mills & Boon.