A Social Media Policy That Works (and isn’t there just to CYA)

A Social Media policy you can really get your teeth into

A Social Media policy you can really get your teeth into

These days most firms have a detailed social media policy for their staff.

No doubt it will cover all the angles and is very handy in disciplinary procedures but is usually way too long to remember and so is of little practical day-to-day use. Can you honestly tell me you can remember what’s in yours (if you could be arsed to read it in the first place).

What’s needed is something short, memorable and based on common sense.

Try this for size: –

  1. Never mention clients by name in any social media message.
  2. Never criticise clients; suppliers or colleagues by name or anonymously.
  3. Avoid any comment that could leave you accused of being any word ending in “ist”.

If I was to summarise the above into one sentence it would be “never publish anything that would offend your mom or give your enemies ammunition to use against you”.

I’m not saying that you have to stick to these rules religiously (I don’t) but people should be aware that if they break them they are exposing themselves, and perhaps the firm, to unnecessary risks.

Perhaps it’s time to add a new introduction to your social media policy – feel free to steal mine.

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