A confusion that costs us money (and makes us unhappy)

Relationship vs transactional sellingThere are two kinds of selling: transactional and relationship.

A transactional sale takes place because there’s a need, a supplier, some money and a deal to be done. When that deal is done both parties go their separate ways. Think “buying a car”. Same thing.

A relationship sale relies on a strong bond of trust and understanding between the two parties. Timing is also a factor. “I don’t want to buy now but I will” or “I already have a supplier that does what you do but I’m interested” both apply.

The problem comes when we confuse the two. We want to make a transactional sale when what’s needed is a stronger relationship. Think “attending a networking event” and you won’t be too far adrift.

Relationship building needs time and patience.

Decide what kind of sales your clients want, then build your skills; build your confidence and be the best you can be.

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