5 Things To STOP Doing Today

Let’s cut to the chase. Business is full of stuff – things to do and things to get done but how about a few things to stop doing. Here’s 5 things to stop doing that I think should be at the top of anybody’s list.

  1. Say yes to a meeting request without thinking whether it will add any real value to you or anybody else for that matter.
  2. Making excuses to yourself to avoid doing one sales call today.
  3. Offer to do something when you have absolutely no spare bandwidth available at all.
  4. Fill your day with hands on operational activities leaving no “you-time” at all.
  5. NOT watching a http://www.ted.com video each day. These a brilliant and should be compulsory for anybody in business. This is my current favourite http://www.ted.com/talks/seth_godin_this_is_broken_1.html

Loads of blogs suggest things you should be doing and that’s fair enough but I thought suggesting a few things you should stop doing might make a refreshing change. Am I right or just blowing smoke up my armpits?

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