35% of your potential clients lost!



It’s true!  In many cases people are ignoring about a third of their prospects.  Here’s why.

You meet new prospects at an event or on LinkedIn or even through an introduction. Then one of three things will happen: –


  1. They’re already in the buying zone, or very close to it (up to 15%) – close them ASAP, no problem.
  2. You realise you’ll never do business (50%) – be strong and take them out of your pipeline.
  3. They’re receptive but don’t want to buy now (35%) – are often ignored.

So, about a third of your potential clients fall down the cracks; all that potential revenue wasted. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Rookie error! So, add them to your CRM. Establish a contact regime and keep in touch – you’ll be surprised how much extra lolly it can generate for you!

Don’t have a CRM system? Click here for a free tutorial to show you how to use Outlook Tasks as a CRM system.

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