3 questions to ask at networking events

Networking GroupLet’s face it, the typical ‘networking events script’ can be both predictable and dreary.

“So, what do you does you company do then?”

“And what’s your role?”

“Do you come here often?” – well maybe not this one but you get the picture.

Of course, it’s important to learn this information but what else can you ask that’ll liven things up a bit?

Well, in my experience the following three questions can help you move out of the small-talk zone into the business zone (where you need to be).

1. What’s working well for you at the moment?

People like to share their successes because it makes them feel good about themselves so this will usually get them talking.

2. And what challenges are you facing right now?”

Did you know that if you ask this question first 67% of people will deny they have any challenges at all? Ask it after question 1 and there only too happy to share, which is what you need for the third question to work.

3. We worked with a client who had a very similar challenge. I can’t tell you the detail, of course, but would you like to hear what we did?

Clearly you must have tackled a similar challenge to the one they have, but if so pretty much everybody wants to know how somebody else tackled a problem that they have.

Just by using these simple questions you can turn a typical ‘chardonnay and cheese’ conversation into something much more interesting.

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